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The ancient ruins of Utica

30 min ride

Nearly 3 centuries before Carthage, the counter of Utica was built at the bottom of what was then a gulf. Today the site is 12 km from the sea, the alluvial deposits of the Mejerda having over the centuries pushed back the sea …

Ghar El Melh

30 min trip

There are many reasons to visit the ancient privateer town of Ghar El Melh – the unique charm of the small town nestled between the lagoon and the Jebel Nadour ridge; its Turkish fortresses and fortified port dating back to the Punic era; its museum of wetlands; its international festival of photography held every year in July; its lagoon which earned Ghar el Melh the Ramsar label “City of Wetland”; Jebel Nadhour which invites you to hike, with its two marabouts and the Roman quarries at the tip of Sidi Ali Mekki … Recently, a documentary film was dedicated to Ghar El Melh.

The city of Bizerte

About 50 min ride

Founded by the Phoenicians, Bizerte is one of the oldest cities in Tunisia. You can admire its ancient medina with the Kasbah citadel, a Byzantine fort rebuilt in the Ottoman era, the atmosphere of its fish market, its old port and the particular charm of the modern city that has kept a colonial imprint. A divecenter allows you to discover the many wrecks and islands at a distance of the coast. A short trip to the north will take you to Cape Angela, the northernmost point of Africa…

Ichkeul National Park

About 60 min trip

Listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the park provides a resting place for many migratory birds. The lake that gives its name to the park is fed in winter in fresh water by wadis, while in summer the sea water flows to the lake, creating a rare ecosystem, due to the variable salinity. If it is undoubtedly a thrill pleasure for many ornithologists and other fans of “bird watching”, it also attracts less expert hikers, who are simply seduced by the sheer beauty of the site.

The small town of EL Alia

30 min trip

Meaning “the high town” in Arabic, El Alia takes its name from its position, at the top of a hill named Jebel Hakima. Founded in Roman times, of which some vestiges remain, the ancient city is especially marked by its Andalusian architecture. From Ras Jebal, it is reached by a small road that winds between hills and wind turbines that stretch almost to Bizerte, forming the largest wind farm in Tunisia.

Cape Zbib

20 min trip

This small village will make hikers happy thanks to the wild, natural beauty of its coast, with its “Roman pools”, which are actually quarries where the Romans cut out the stones used for the reconstruction of Carthage.

The small town of Raf-Raf

15 min trip

Raf-Raf is renowned for its unparalleled Muscat season; its embroidery; its white sand beach and Pilau Island, its true emblem. The city proper, located at the top of a hill, is extended by Raf-Raf-Plage or Lahmeri, nestled at the foot of Jebal Nadhour. What was once a small fishing village, today constitutes the summer and tourist life of the city, with a lively corniche in the evening, including many restaurants and cafes.

Our rooms

Our guest house has 4 rooms that can accommodate up to 8 people. You can either choose between a more independent accommodation in our small villa (the bungalow), or enjoy all the comfort of our two double rooms, including an ample and entirely homemade breakfast.

Room Sana

Starting from 49€/ night

The room “Sana” is for those who like user-friendly comfort in a tiny room...

  • private bathroom
  • Double size
  • 2 guests

Room Nour

Starting from 65€/ night

The Room “Nour” with its breath-taking view is an invitation to relax and recreate while contemplating the sea...

  • In-built bathroom
  • Queen size
  • 2 guests


Starting from 82€/ night

Perfect for those looking for independence, coming with family or wishing to stay a little longer...

  • 2 terraces
  • Double size and queen size
  • 4 guests


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Bird watching

Villa Sounine is the perfect place for birdwatchers. There are many migratory birds along the coast, including a large number of resident species...


Nature hikes is one of the key activities from autumn to spring...


From June to October the temperature of the water is pleasant for swimming - which does not prevent some from being tempted by an off-season swim...