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If you like to travel and explore the area, it's advised to have a car . But If you have just planned

a quite and peaceful vacation, it is possible to do without.

It takes about 30 min. to walk to the village, where traders offer all the necessary.

For a larger choice, the taxis can take you to Ras-Jebel's market.


Access plan : follow this link.




There's a market in Ras-Jebel (a little town, situated 10 Km from Sounine)

that offers a large choice of high quality fruits and fresh vegetables as well as fish and meat.

The quality is so well known, that many people are coming all the way from Tunis to buy

their weekly supply.

However, don't neglect to make a stop at the village, for example, to buy some

freshly baked Tabouna (a traditionally home-made bread prepared by the village's women).



The only think that you will not find here is alcohol.

If you appreciate a small glass of wine on the terrace, or a cool beer, you need to bring it all along

from Tunis, i.e. the shopping mall "GĂ©ant" wich is placed right at the begining of the highway Tunis- Bizerte

(approximativly. 45 minutes from Villa Sounine).