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The summer in Tunisia is the perfect season for an endless swimming-session.

what is more refreshing than diving in a twenty-six-degree water?

depending on your mood, chose between the beach of Aïn Mestir (at about 500m)

or the cove just in front of the bungalow...



Underwater exploration:

The rocky coast side in front of the bungalow,

offers a prime location for exploring the flora and fauna of the coastal area.

With simple equipments (mask, snorkel and ev. fins) you can explore

amazing underwater landscapes.

and with a little luck, you will see the graceful dance of a squid.



Would you rather walk or hike?

Starting from the bungalow, many hiking possibilities (30 min - several hours) are available to you

along the coast.

The hiking friends will be delighted by the ridge between Rafraf & Ghar el Melh.

Again, you can vary the pleasure between immerse any day in a wild nature (without encountering many people),

and simply admire the breathtaking view of Tunis and Bizerte provided on top of the ridge.